Publications of Liane Collot d’Herbois

About the therapy book

The book on painting therapy contains one small aspect of colour: I describe the individual colours in connection with the illnesses. The two volumes of my book Colour tell more about the inter-relationships of the colours and the whole world of colour. From that one can understand the movability of colour. One has to realize that healing really comes from the movement of the colours and the breathing and weaving of one colour with another. There lies the healing, because it influences the activity of the lungs. That aspect of colour is essential for the understanding of the therapy-book. One could say that through the lungs and their activity of breathing the air we have a connection with the whole firmament. The whole world of the stars that surrounds us is making the lungs, is the lungs. And the movement of the stars and the movement of the colours have to do with the healing of the lungs.

Feeling and colour are qualities of the soul. The oneness of the colours, the interweaving and the interrelationship, the interchanging and interdependence of colour upon colour is the most important factor in therapy. When one studies first this colour and then the next one can never unite anything; the picture always stays fixed.

As far as the soul is concerned the breathing is essential, even as the incarnation is essential for the ego. Breathing unites us with the surroundings, with the atmosphere. And as only half of our soul is inside us one should realize that breathing is the source of life itself. That breathing movement brings all the light and all the air into our soul and that brings healing. The movement of the soul is affected and one illness after the other can be cleared up. That goes for a great many illnesses. It stands to reason that this puts great emphasis on the lungs (their colour is light yellow, Gemini; the liver is a deeper colour: orange.)

The book Colour is about the soul-manifestation of colour. In fact it belongs together with the book on painting-therapy. It is not understandable for everybody, but the people who do understand it are the kind of people who would make good therapists. Colour contains the elements that are missing in the therapy-book. When you have the different aspects of colour because of and according to light and darkness, then you have the whole basis for the healing part of colour in connection with the soul.

The therapy-book contains light and darkness with as aspect of colour, with no explanation of how one comes to that colour or those attributes of the colour. I simply say it is so and so. But when you have read Colour you can understand why. All this is not a matter of definitions, but a matter of being inwardly movable. Being movable is more important than exact definitions; definitions do not make one very creative.