Year 1 : “Threefoldness and the laws of space”

The first year is propaedeutic.

Therapeutic bases concepts, studied by lectures of Steiner and text of Goethe are directly applicated with artistic and therapeutic work of Collot d’Herbois.


Studies of Colour theory and experiments


Concept of Man in Threefoldness

Collot d’Herbois

Artistic approach of different techniques:

  • Hauschka exercices wet on wet
  • Charcoal
  • Veiling exercices



Skills students acquired in the first year

  • To observe objectively
  • To integrate the threefoldness of the human being in body, soul and spirit :
    • body and its three systems,
    • soul and its three forces,
    • spirit and its three levels of consciousness
  • To integrate the threefoldness of light, color and darkness in their artistic activities with diverses techniques and media